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Since the death of her parents, Natalie has been looking after her younger brother John, who has gone down the criminal path since their tragic loss. When Natalie loses her job at the supermarket because John has stolen the till, she wants to make a radical career change. She applies as a nanny with the Wilson family, who live in a picturesque village in Cornwall. Since the death of his wife, astrophysicist Benjamin Wilson has been living alone with his three children, Gwen, Max and Will. But as Benjamin is more at home in space than in everyday life, his brother Paul and Paul’s wife Ellen support him as much as they can. Thanks to her unconventional nature, Natalie positively stirs up the family, and laughter, fun and warmth return to the house of the Wilsons. Although Gwen, the eldest daughter, is sceptical of Natalie, Benjamin's affection for her grows. This is much to the displeasure of Ellen, who loses not only her stake in the household duties and the children’s education, but also her proximity to Benjamin. When John suddenly appears and attacks his sister Natalie to rob the house, Ellen seizes her chance to get rid of the unwanted Natalie. Together with Gwen, she succeeds in getting Natalie out of the house. Out of a sense of responsibility, Natalie refuses to talk about her brother’s crime or to defend herself. Benjamin is shaken. Now he has to decide which way to follow: the ostensible facts or his heart.