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Liz is a lawyer at a big London law firm. Her boss, Mr. Harper makes her a very tempting offer, which would give her the chance to become junior partner earlier than expected.

She’s meant to acquire a license for fishing scallops for a big corporation. Seeing as Liz comes from a family of scallop fishermen, the job seems predestined for her. She heads back home for the first time in five years.

She wants to convince her father to sell the license, which has been in the family for generations. But things don’t turn out as she expected.

Ben, her brother who is now running the business, loses his life while out at sea during a storm. No one is aware that his son Johnny is plagued with feelings of guilt, which completely throw him off course.

But this isn’t the only reason Liz ends up staying in her home hometown longer than planned. Liz encounters her childhood sweetheart, Ray, by chance. The two of them, who were never able to forget each other, find themselves getting closer again. And Liz keeps asking herself the following question: What is more important? Her career and progress, or maintaining a beautiful landscape and the profession her family has been in for generations?