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#LikeMe tells the story of ‘Caro’, a young girl who lives in a remote village. She has a unique bond with her parents, she enjoys school and has a nice bunch of friends. Everything is going well until Caro’s mother is told to have cancer. Confronted with this, her world falls to pieces. The family is forced to move to the city and Caro has to say goodbye to her old life. Everything changes for Caro. In a school full of strangers, she has to start making new friends, facing huge challenges.

#LikeMe is a musical series that shows youngsters the lives of other youngsters in a unique and contemporary way. By using witty dialogue, familiar situations, pressing issues, strong characters and, of course, powerful music, we are able to really get through to them; on the one hand because they recognise themselves in certain characters and situations, and on the other hand because it’s always fun to take a peek inside the lives of their peers. Besides its entertainment content, this series also has room for the educational aspects that give youngsters and their families food for self-reflection and dialogue.