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The Frog Prince

A con artist impersonating a prince is caught stealing a golden orb and faces banishment in a magical forest, where a fairy accidentally transforms him into a frog. The enchantment can only be lifted by a princess's kiss. When the frog helps retrieve the golden orb from a deep well, he claims a reward. But will he really get the kiss that is so crucial to breaking the spell?

This cinematic reinterpretation of the beloved Grimm Brothers' fairy tale 'The Frog Prince and Iron Henry' is told in the style of a romantic fantasy-comedy. With this cinematic revamp, new elements include an expanded backstory leading up to the famous scene where the golden orb falls into the well, and embellishments after the frog is thrown against a wall. This allow for ample time to explore new characters, their developments and arcs, along with a wide range of moods and aesthetics in a medieval world that coexists with a magical shadow forest realm.