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Rapunzel and the Return of the Falcons

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Rapunzel grows up as an orphan under the care of the sorceress Eleonor. When Queen Freya summons Eleonor to court, Rapunzel enters the city castle for the first time. There she encounters Prince Sigismund.

Queen Freya seeks magical aid for her son, but the sorceress refuses. Consequently, she and Rapunzel are imprisoned. With Sigismund's assistance, they successfully escape. After spending many years hiding in a secluded tower, Sigismund rediscovers Rapunzel there.

However, Queen Freya persists in her pursuit, intent on neutralizing Eleonor. Upon discovering the lonely tower with her soldiers, the sorceress employs a powerful magic spell to transport Rapunzel from that place and blinds Sigismund.

While Freya is shocked to realise that her plan has robbed her son of any chance of succeeding to the throne, the prince is now completely dependent on the help of his friend Pip.