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Kay and Gerda are friends. And always have been. Even now that they are almost adults and still know nothing of love, their friendship determines everything, overcomes everything and means everything.

But high up north, where the sun barely appears on the horizon in winter, the SNOW QUEEN sets out to break the bond between the friends. She seals people's hearts with icy splinters and clouds their vision, blinding them to goodness. And this is exactly what she does to Kay. From one moment to the next, he is completely changed and finally disappears altogether. People believe that he drowned in the river when he was being pulled along by a magnificent white sleigh. Only Gerda doesn't believe Kay is dead, so she sets out to find her friend. She does not yet know where this quest will lead her – to the land of the Snow Queen who has lured the boy, seducing him with her perfect beauty. Gerda does everything she can to overcome the hardships of the long journey, each step requiring her to rise above herself. Meanwhile, however, Kay is in danger of succumbing to the icy power of the Snow Queen. It is only in Kay and Gerda’s dreams that their bond still keeps them together. However, with each passing hour, the cold spreads further inside Kay. And ice-cold hearts don't dream. So Gerda has to hurry, for winter cannot be stopped.