Good Vibes - Stronger together

screenable online: 3 episodes

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The series centres around five sixth-grade students who coincidentally find themselves in the school basement when the fire alarm suddenly goes off. As none of them wants to admit responsibility for the alarm and the triggered sprinkler system, they're given a communal task as punishment, leading them to spend the following weeks together and getting to know each other. 

Over the course of 10 episodes, viewers witness how these five navigate their newfound camaraderie, blossoming into unexpected friendships. The first season primarily focuses on Liv and Châu, who are both grappling with their families for different reasons. Liv likes to do things on her own, especially after dealing with trust issues in her past friendships. Since then, she still finds it challenging to let others get close but is determined to change that without revealing too much about herself. On the other hand, Châu experiences the tension between her Vietnamese upbringing and her life outside the home as increasingly challenging. She wonders how she can reconcile these two sides of herself while remaining true to herself. Due to a significant revelation her friendship with Milli is tested.

New friendships will arise as each of them grapples with their own unique challenges. Pit, who has repeated a grade, frequently struggles with his introversion hindering his progress. Milli experiences profound loneliness within her family making her friendship with Châu especially meaningful. Meanwhile, Tom who is coming from a disadvantaged background, endeavours to maintain his cheerful persona, while also concealing his hardships.