Dinomite & Lucy

screenable online: 8 episodes

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The adventures of teenage dinosaur/ madcap inventor DINOMITE and his wild and unruly human pet, LUCY in the sleepy but eccentric dinosaur town of Fernham.

Fernham is a flourishing, optimistic stone age city where modern dinos live in an amazingly functioning civilization. Everything is made from purely degradable materials and powered by saurusses of all sizes and shapes - in other words: the best place to be for a young and crazy inventor like DINOMITE and the little cave girl pet LUCY.

They might be completely opposite characters, but their strengths and weaknesses complement each other perfectly: where Dinomite is the nice, nerdy inventor type, Lucy is impulsive, loud and clubswinging.

When Dinomite tries to solve smaller and bigger problems in the neighborhood Lucy tries her best to help - unfortunately that often causes additional trouble. Then there are all the other dinos and saurusses with their needs and problems so Dinomite always ends up juggling two or three tasks at the same time. In the end there is always a surprising solution to everything - but first we get right into the entertaining struggle of Dinomite`s and Lucy's day to day life with complicated friendships, eccentric neighbors, wild physical saurus comedy, flesh eating plants, nerve wrecking furry creatures and tons of granite fun.