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On the 100th anniversary of the founding of Umghard, a small industrial development town, Sir Graylock holds a big feast. Klincus takes advantage of the party's cover to escape. His intention is to search for his parents, as he is convinced they are still alive. Meanwhile, Yuki, Glyn and Tipsar travel away from Frondosa, a village hidden in the woods, to investigate the mysterious lights on the horizon. As they find their way into town, Yuki and Glyn accidentally disrupt Klincus's plan but then help him escape from pursuit by Graylock's henchmen. But Prince Tipsar reappears and captures Klincus, taking him as a prisoner to Frondosa. In that village out of time, inhabited by beings as tiny as his new friends, Klincus will realise that perhaps there can be a middle way between the indiscriminate industrialisation of Umghard and the total isolation in nature of Frondosa. Was that perhaps the way his parents were looking for?