Maari - Adventures at the Reef

Maari the squid has two very best friends: Tuts, a turtle, and Fin, a crab. Wherever there are problems in the Blue Bay Reef, the three of them are there, together with the little plankton Spotti. They are up for every adventure and don’t shy away from sharks or sea monsters. And when dangerous human garbage continues to pollute the reef, the three find a way to get rid of it. Together they are unstoppable. Tentacle, flipper and pincer too – the best team in the ocean blue.

Maari – Adventures at the Reef is a 3D animated series with 20 seven-minute episodes. The series is intended for preschool children (3 to 6 years).The squid Maari and her friends Tuts, a turtle, and Fin, a crab, are the focus of the series. Together they have adventures in the Blue Bay Reef. Diversity and environmental protection are core themes of the series.