The Muscleteers

screenable online: 6 episodes

Welcome to the Harbor district: a bustling port full of activity and cosmopolitan flair. But its dank, shadow-filled alleyways are not always safe for the area’s rodent residents. Hunted by cats and exterminators, swept away with the garbage, driven from their homes by construction: and stomping, oblivious humans; every day is filled with danger and hardship. But the flame of hope still burns thanks to our courageous protectors — The Muscleteers!

Individually, these four, not-quite-fearless rodent rescuers never thought they could be heroes. After coming together to help each other escape desperate situations, they teamed up and swore to help and protect anyone in need. Yes, together they are legendary! The Muscleteers stage their magnificent missions and rip-roaring rescues from the safety of their top-secret base in the cellar of Mrs. Frohlich’s delicatessen.

One for all and all for one!