Tilda Appleseed

screenable online: 5 episodes

TILDA is a clever, very cultivated white church mouse, who lives in a tiny house at the foot of the church wall. TILDA lives there with her pet SNAILY and close to her best friends, the gray mouse MOLLY, who is a worrywart, the grumpy but kind-hearted hedgehog RUPERT, the high-spirited squirrel twins BILLY and BENNY, EDNA the squirrel Mum who’s always as busy as a bee and the vain but loveable robin ROBIN. TILDA loves exciting stories just as much as she likes delicious food, so it’s no surprise that there’s always plenty of both in her tiny house. She deals humorously with matters at hand and in her very own original way, therefore small things can turn into big stories… And the solutions Tilda comes up with, when dealing with problems are refreshingly unique and childlike in their directness. Tilda Appleseed and her friends are a wonderful ensemble that will immediately find a place in the hearts of all viewers of this lovingly animated series. Season 2 is already in production!