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Sylvia tells Daniel she wants a divorce. Meanwhile, she keeps thinking back about the night when she ran away from home as a young girl. Ludo meets up with magistrate John for advice, who happens to be an old flame of his. Carlo is released from prison and is happy to be reunited with Valentina. Willy wants to start up an escort business with Joelle, and hires Carlo as a driver. But in his inattention, Joelle is beat up by Davy and Gaetan, who sought revenge after being humiliated by Ludo. They’re accompanied by a reluctant Mathieu, who finally convinces them to stop and let Joelle go. Sylvia if furious at Carlo when she sees a beat up Joelle arrive at the Cats. Valentina, furious as well at Willy, agrees to let herself be hypnotized, in order to try and relive the night of the murder and tell Ludo what happened. In her trance, she recognizes Willy carrying the body of Armand.