Dear Vivi

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Written and produced by Natalie Scharf, Dear Vivi is an emotional family drama and thriller combo that uncovers the mystery behind the shocking murder of a wife and mother in seven suspenseful episodes.

Life is good for the Klettmanns, who live in a posh suburb of Munich. Or so it seems. Peter is a successful lawyer, Anna a housewife and mother of their three children Vivian (18), Daniel (15) and Emmi (4). But everything changes in an instant on Anna’s 44th birthday when Peter kills his wife in the heat of the moment and ends up in custody awaiting trial. While his motive poses a mystery and only takes shape by delving into his past, Vivian takes on the role of head of the family. Suddenly her carefree life is over as she finds herself fighting for custody of her siblings.

She is supported by Tim, the young police officer who was first on the scene and seems to feel responsible for the children. As the story progresses, the two become closer, but it turns out Tim also knew Vivian’s mother quite well. Maybe too well. Little by little, family secrets come to light and the motive behind the crime is suddenly bewildering – and shocking.

Peter Klettmann: “There are three sides to every story. Yours. Mine. And what really happened.” The storytelling of the series is multifaceted. Dear Vivi is told in two narrative strands: from the perspective of the eldest daughter Vivi and from the perspective of the father. Long-buried secrets from the past emerge and puzzling details of Peter and Anna’s earlier life are revealed.