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The body turns out to be Armand Allaire, an old client of the Cats. Police officer Ludo Beets failed to sole his murder case twenty years ago. Pushed by the urge to prove himself, he reopens the case, now determined to find Armand’s killer. During the investigation, he works with local police officer Sam Fonteyne, ever so cheerful and far along in her pregnancy. Willy and Sylvia have a fierce discussion about whether or not Sylvia wants to keep renting her father’s house to Willy, when he has a heart attack and ends up in the hospital. Sandy, a prostitute who works at the Cats, is having an affair with Nicolas, one of her clients. She believes what she feels for him is mutual, until she is confronted with his wife and their child in the fitting rooms of a clothing store. She breaks down and confides in Sep, who is mesmerized by her beauty. Sep wants to avenge her by stealing one of Nicolas’ horses, but is caught by Nicolas. The chase results in Nicolas’ horse getting killed, and he confronts Sylvia with her son’s actions, demanding a refund for the expensive horse. Eva and Sep find out their grandmother, Sylvia’s mother, is still alive when she shows up at the Cats. Sylvia tells her mother to go, and never come back.