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Intrigued by the Princess' progress, Omar asks Kuru to see if Alex would visit him in Manjipoor. Sensing royal requirements, Alex is reluctant, but acquiesces. The simple meeting blooms, and soon it's a formal introduction to the entire Council of Elders of Manjipoor. Vashan learns of the banquet, and sets up an opportunity to harm Alex with poison – care of a magically transformed waiter. Simultaneously Alex wavers from her own code, and uses magic to help get the band into a talent competition. Unfortunately the two events collide. Alex is set to honour her pledge to Kuru, (and upset the band by her absence), until she receives a royal dress from him for the meeting, gets cold feet – and backs out! The band earn an honourable mention at the competition, but as a result of her non-appearance at the banquet with the Council of Elders, Kuru is fired. Alex swiftly has to make amends by going to Omar and making a case for Kuru to be reinstated. In the process, she is reintroduced to her real home – Manjipoor.