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Alex tries hard to keep her identity as a Princess and the existence Anala a secret from everybody. She invents stories to explain the strange goings-on and instructs Kuru to lie, but Kuru doesn't like that. Telling un-truths isn’t very “Princess-like”. When Alex's best friends, Amanda and J.B. discover Anala, Alex tells them the truth. They don't buy it! Alex resorts to attempting a simple magic trick to prove her story and maintain their friendship. The magic goes awry however, but Alex is saved when Anala magically appears before them. An invisible elephant! Amanda and J.B. are now convinced. The backyard however, is now filled with rabbits which they work desperately to conceal from Anita, Jim and Alex's sister Zoe. Anala's own magic, results in a helpful solution. And Marcus, the boy Alex has a crush on, is admitted into their band after a successful audition.