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Running late for school again, Alex finds she's missed orchestra practise. Annoyed, she shakes her hand and time runs backward! Another one of those weird things she can't explain has happened again. That night, at her birthday party a mysterious boy and elephant appear in her back yard. The boy is Kuru and the elephant is Anala. They tell her she is a Princess of Manjipoor and that she's magic! They've come to take her home. Alex can't believe it, is this some kind of party trick? Later, when she cuts her cake, Alex has a premonition. Rushing out, she saves them from an accident with a flick of her hands! Shaken, but still unwilling to believe, she asks them to leave. But the next morning, Kuru and Anala, are still waiting. They aren't going anywhere. In Manjipoor, the other remaining member of the Royal family, Vashan, acts to ensure his ‘new’ cousin will not claim the throne.