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When Otto learns that the Farr family treasure lies buried somewhere beneath Scream Street, he forces Cleo to help him find it, by holding her heart to ransom!

Niles Farr attends a ‘parent talk’ session at the school, and tells the whole class he had all his riches and treasures with him when he was buried. Dixon tells Otto, who hatches a plan for Dixon to sneak into the Farr’s house. Dixon finds what looks like an ornate box and steals it. Turns out to be Cleo’s heart in the box! Cleo becomes horribly sick. The boys track the heart down to Otto but he threatens her life if they cannot tell him where the treasure is hidden. Unfortunately Niles can’t seem to remember where he put it. Turns out the Farr house is just the tip of a pyramid and the boys help Niles to track the treasure down to the house’s basement, only to find it was stolen long ago and Niles had forgotten. Cleo is getting weaker. There’s a big fight at Sneer Hall - can the usually useless Niles saves the day?