Scream Street is back, bigger and better, funnier and scarier than ever before. Prepare yourself for another 26 x 11 minute episodes – a real monster dose of the gross-out, laugh-out-loud animation show. This new season sees teenage werewolf Luke and his friends Cleo the martial arts mummy, and Resus the sarcastic vampire face all manner of gruesome new monsters: the likes of ‘Vostradamus’ the ghostly fortune-teller, ‘Lorelei’ the siren singer as well as ‘The Destroyer of Worlds’. Season Two sees the arrival of secretive new neighbour ‘Dr F’, an evil scientist with a manic laugh, together with her new creation ‘Six’, a teenage Frankenstein’s monster. ‘Six’ is created from the body parts of numerous brilliant athletes, so she is as talented as she is mixed up. This scary comic delight is sure to have you screaming with laughter.