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When a new house appears in Scream Street, Luke’s curiosity gets his friends into serious trouble…

Luke, Cleo and Resus go round to sneak a peek at the new neighbours to see if they’ve got kids. The door opens for them and Luke can’t resist going in. Cleo’s up for it. Resus much less so. They explore the house and find no evidence of anyone living here. They decide to try and leave but can’t find their way back to the front door.  The more they try to escape the deeper they get into the house. Luke’s curiosity wants to know what they’ll find anyway. They end up in the basement of the house. It turns out the House IS the Monster and they’re in its stomach. The only way out is to give the stomach severe indigestion, which requires turning Luke into the werewolf. Now Resus and Cleo are not just inside a monster’s stomach but they’re being attacked by a lethal werewolf. Will they manage to get out alive?