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All is not well in Kat's world but she's trying desperately to pretend she's fine; while Christian's plans for a cruisey return to the Academy are derailed by the Board. Kat is struggling to stay positive and her determination to advance into Third Year is morphing into dangerous patterns. When visiting Academy alumnus, Marcus Kane, assigns the Second Years a character assignment, Kat uses it to put herself into the shoes of a young, university student. Grace feels stifled by Miss Raine's attempt at parenting. When she discovers Marcus Kane was an old flame she tries her hand at some matchmaking to distract Miss Raine's suffocating attention. Christian's plans for an easy year at the Academy soon hit a speed-bump when he finds his scholarship reallocated and his position in Third Year lost. He is asked to present his case to the governing Board so they can reconsider, but when it's clear the only way to convince them is to use Sammy's death and play the "grief card" Christian can't go through with it.