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Mocking her friends’ obsession with teen popstar Myles Kelly, Kat creates a video of herself dancing to one of his songs and then posts it on the internet. The video proves popular with viewers and as a result the music company invites her to dance in Myles’s next video clip. During the shoot Kat criticises Myles’s costumes and choreography so he challenges her to help him create new choreography and a different style for the clip. Myles is so impressed with Kat’s efforts that he invites her to be a permanent dancer on his tour. Although a romance is blossoming between them, Kat realises she can’t go – it’s time she stops following other people around and works out what she wants to do herself. Meanwhile, Kat is not the only one being challenged to prove her talents. Ethan views Christian as a friendly rival and the two boys have begun to compete with each other. Their competitiveness culminates with them dancing against one another to win the sole place in choreographer Dana Strong’s holiday workshop. Christian proves to be the stronger dancer, however knowing Ethan wants this opportunity more than he does, Christian secretly rejects Dana’s offer and allows Ethan to claim the win.