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It is roommate wartime at the Academy: Tara wants to move in with Kat but Abigail refuses to sign the room swap form. Determined to make Abigail change her mind, Kat sets about playing practical jokes on her until she relents. Meanwhile, Tara’s crush on Ethan is growing more intense every day but she discovers Kat won’t tolerate friends dating her brother. Sammy is concerned that Tara’s crush will ruin their friendship group and tries to help her realise this by writing a pros and cons list about Ethan... but all it does is make Tara more convinced of her feelings for him. Ethan isn’t the only boy complicating Tara’s life. Christian, who Tara clashed with during auditions, has arrived at the Academy and seems determined to antagonise her. However, Christian is preoccupied with a secret of his own – he was arrested by the police after committing a robbery, and is forced to stay at the Academy as part of his bail conditions.