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Tara leaves her home in the country and arrives at the Academy filled with excitement about the year ahead, but she’s crushed to learn that she is at the bottom of all her classes and not allowed to dance en pointe until her technique improves. Fortunately she’s not alone: Sammy’s at the bottom as well except he is forced to wear pointe shoes to strengthen his ankles. Strangely, Abigail has requested Tara as a roommate – what Tara doesn’t know is that it’s to keep a competitive eye on her rather than a gesture of friendship. However, Tara still manages to have fun during orientation week. She jumps from a high balcony into Sydney Harbour with Kat late at night as an initiation ritual, and Ethan even remembers her name! Tara finally sees that Abigail has never been a friend and forms a tight trio with Kat and Sammy. Together, they might just make it through the first week, and the rest of the year at Dance Academy!