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Christmas is approching and all the Waldemar siblings are on edge. Lasse has a hard time dealing with Liv’s pregnancy, knowing that Oskar is completely unaware. Lasse asks Liv not to tell Oskar about him being the father, but Liv wants to keep it anyway. Petra goes to Laura and reveals what Oskar told her about Konrad finding Mauritz’ remains. Laura searches Konrad’s house and finds notes and articles concerning Mauritz’ disappearance. Laura confronts Oskar. His weapons didn’t match the bullet, but she knows about Konrad finding Mauritz’ remains. Oskar is shocked, but tells Laura that Petra wants revenge for him breaking up with her when Liv came back. Oskar has to confess to Lasse that Laura knows about Konrad finding Mauritz, but Lasse says there is no evidence, only hearsay. Oskar tries to get hold of Petra, but she has left Åland. Andrus is desperate and tells Kim there are people after him. Kim finds Lasse's gun and brings it to Andrus for protection. Andrus recognizes his gun taken from the bag, he forces Kim to call Lasse to bring all the money. Lasse does, but overpowers Andrus and saves a heartbroken Kim. Oskar receives the divorce papers from Liv, but wants to explain himself to Liv before he signs them. Oskar reveals his dark secret to Liv, of killing his father Mauritz in self defense. Liv then tells him she is pregnant with Lasse’s baby. Ville invites Jonna to a romantic winter date, but on her way there she gets a phone call from London offering her a big movie role. Jonna’s luck is finally about to change. Laura gives Lasse a chance to come clean about the boat and the counterfeit money, but he says he is not involved. Laura watches a photo of Jonna. The buttons on her coat matches the one found in Konrad’s hand.