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Lasse hides the bag of money in his mother’s old shack. He tries to call his contact, but it goes straight to voice mail. Whatever happened on that boat? At the boarding house , Oskar and Jonna examines the damages after the storm. Oskar is curious of why their brother went out in the storm. Their uncle Konrad comes by and notices that the repairs probably won’t be cheap. Oskar realizes they have no insurance, since he forgot after Liv had gone away. He is devastated, and Jonna takes charge and finds Ville, a handyman who could do the job through Mikael Rosén. There is an instant chemistry between Jonna and Ville, something that Lasse notices and doesn’t appreciate. He does not trust Ville. Jonna warns Oskar not to play with Petra’s emotions if he is not serious. Oskar tries to get hold of Liv, but learns from his daughter Cecilia that Liv is fine. He realizes that Liv will never return and decides to continue the relationship with Petra who tells him that she has resigned her priesthood. The policewoman Laura Nord comes by and asks Lasse about the distress signal that was seen during the storm. Lasse searches for the burnt out boat, but discovers that Laura and the coast guard has already found it. Lasse gets ready to take the money and run, but changes his mind when he sees the poor state of his siblings. He acts like the saviour in need and tells them he will pay for both the repairs and the things they need for the relaunch. The Waldemar-siblings are united once again. And then Liv returns home.