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Lasse gets an emergency call from his daughter Kim who has been mugged and stranded in Vietnam without money or passport. He gets hold of her mother Ulrika and they head to Stockholm in order to bring Kim back. Oskar’s and Liv’s reunion is a bit awkward at first, and she tells him she has decided to come back to him for good. Oskar realizes he has to end the relationship with Petra, but he avoids her when she calls. The repairs go according to plan, and the relaunch is a big success. Jonna and Ville get even closer, but before they get too intimate, Jonna hesitates and takes a step back. Liv’s return also creates some friction between her and Jonna, due to Jonna’s new leadership role, and it culminates in a quarrel in front of the staff. Oskar is caught in between, and Liv tells him it will never work. Laura Nord finds an owner to the boat: an Andrus Ilves who is reported missing. In Stockholm the Swedish embassy calls and tells Lasse that Kim has been found and she is put on a plane back home. Lasse waits for her and takes her to Åland, where she meets the rest of the family. Kim breaks down and tells them about the shocking events in Vietnam. Lasse will take care of Kim and create stability and safety for her. Liv tells Lasse that she has chosen Oskar, and he is forced to accept that. But the calm does not last long. When Konrad walks his dog along the shoreline, the dog finds something that’s been torn up by the storm. A black plastic bag containing the remains of a man’s dead body.