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It’s Christmas morning and the Waldemar family is gathered for the festivities. Oskar and Liv’s daughter Cecilia is home, but the mood between the brothers and Liv is tense. After breakfast Oskar wonders if Liv isn’t going to tell the others the great news? Oskar spends most of the day drinking, claiming how their mother never lifted a finger to help them against their abusive father. During Christmas dinner Jonna tell the others about the movie role and that she’s moving to London with Ville. Oskar puts a damper on it and reveals that Liv is pregnant with Lasse’s child. Lasse tries desperately to beg Oskar’s forgiveness, not wanting to lose his brother. Oskar claims they never were brothers. It’s all a lie like everything else in the Waldemar family. Oskar receives a framed picture of him and Liv as a gift from Cecilia who doesn’t learn about the divorce until now. Oskar gets hostile, turning more and more into his father. Laura confronts Jonna with the matching button, and charges Jonna with shooting Konrad, because of threatening her family. Jonna’s world shatters. Lasse sees her agony and takes all the blame for Konrad’s death. Laura doesn’t believe him, and knows he is covering up for his sister. Before Liv leaves, Lasse gives her the letter she never got when Oskar tore it up. Liv asks Lasse to go with her, but he explains he can’t. Oskar and Jonna has sold their shares to Mikael Rosén, but Lasse gives his share of the house to a puzzled Oskar. Laura picks up Lasse in front of the speechless Jonna and Oskar who watch their brother being arrested and taken away. Lasse ends up in a cell, contemplating his fate, while Liv reads the love letter on board the ferry. Jonna and Ville travel to London, the world waiting at their feet. The only one remaining is Oskar who in a fit of rage, sets the boarding house on fire and burns it to the ground.