Balaton Residence

screenable online: 3 episodes

Written by International Emmy winner Christoph Silber and Natalie Scharf, this three-part drama series tells Stasi spy stories centered around two young girls from East Germany on holiday at Lake Balaton.

The three-part TV series "Balaton Residence" tells the story of Maja and Catrin, two young sisters from East Germany. In summer 1986, full of anticipation and hope, they leave home for a holiday on the shores of Lake Balaton in Hungary. It is a place where both East and West Germans would holiday, even before the collapse of communism. A dark secret forces their mother to follow the girls to the resort in an attempt to prevent a catastrophe; but as the stakes are riding high, there are even worse things on the horizon. In the face of desperate attempts to flee to the West, the lake is patrolled the entire time by the East German secret police.

Maja and Catrin, played by Cornelia Gröschel and Sonja Gerhardt, soon develop a strong and dangerous desire to explore the grandest and most enchanting hotel in the resort, which is reserved for Westerners. Innocent flirting escalates into a test of the sisters’ relationship and ultimately forces them to decide where their political and emotional loyalties lie.