Tomorrow I Quit

screenable online: 5 episodes

They're a loving, much-admired family, the Lehmanns. And they love life. The problem: Dad Jochen has driven the family to the verge of bankruptcy. What does the head of a respectable suburban family do in such cases? He uses his head, his brains and his skills. And it just happens that Jochen's skills lie in counterfeiting crispy new euro bills. He’s sharpened these skills at his father-in-law’s printing press and intends to just make enough to get rid of the looming financial disaster once and for all. But the bills are so good and so convincing and have reached such a high level of quality, that the wrong people start showing interest in them. "Tomorrow I quit!" promises Jochen; and even though he's soon in too deep, a Lehmann should never be underestimated!