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For deaf woodcarvers Elisabeth and Hans Lohmeyer, their daughter Inga is the only lifeline to the outside world. When Elisabeth gets hit by a car they have to call on community helper Katja for help. Per chance, Katja discovers that Inga is actually a gifted singer. But why has the young woman kept her talent secret from her parents and the rest of the world? Katja encourages Inga to pursue her dream and helps her get her first public performance since childhood at Spring parish church. But that’s not the only challenge on Katja’s plate. Things come to a head when Kiki accompanies Peet Hagen, the son of the boss of the café she works at, to an overnight party by the lakeside. During the light and romantic celebrations, an accident with severe consequences happens that changes many people’s lives, including Kiki’s. Katja is there for her daughter in the difficult hours after the accident. As the community helper, Katja is so invested in taking care of other people’s problems that she hardly has a chance to deal with her own: her intern Yasemin simply vanishes, leaving Katja with loads of work. When Katja finds out that Yasemin has gone back to Berlin without telling her she gets into a tiff with Cem, her long-distance boyfriend and Yasemin’s uncle. Will this break her and Cem’s relationship?