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Good Fathers, Bad Fathers (eps. 16)

Katja gets a call from a hotel in Frühling: Two children are sitting alone in the dining room, as their parents haven't returned from the mountain hike they went on.

Katja tries to calm 11-year-old Nicky and 14-year-old Paula and stays with them overnight in their hotel room. But the next morning there is still no news from their parents. Without hesitation Katja takes the two with her to her home, even when it is rather chaotic there at the moment.

After all - shortly after Katja and him had gotten closer to each other - Mark had to move out of his home to go look after his demented father in Leipzig. Now Katja has lost her flatmate and lives under one roof with the architect Jan, whose spontaneous streak annoys her to no end. On top of that, the two had something together back in their school days, which Katja would rather not talk about. And, last but not least, the new owner of Mark's house also brought his teenage son Adrian along with him. Father and son clash just as often as Katja and Jan.

Then the mountain rescue service reports that the missing parents have been found. While Helen Söringer lies injured in the hospital, Peter immediately takes charge of the situation with surprising callousness. Katja is stunned when, shortly thereafter, Peter Söringer asks her if she could step in again as a babysitter for a few days. He wants to attempt the risky mountain hike again. At first Katja refuses, but she changes her mind after a conversation with Helen. Behind Peter's almost pathological addiction to danger, there lies an unresolved conflict with his father.

The story of the Söringers is an incentive for Katja to finally start searching for her own father, who is said to live alone in a retirement home near Munich. What she finds at the end of her search will change her life forever.