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Stranded in the middle of a rape field, Katja (Simone Thomalla) finds herself faced with the challenge of repairing a combine harvester when the eight-year-old Lea tumbles into her arms.

The girl comes out of nowhere and complains of a severe bellyache. Katja drives her to the clinic in her own car, where the girl is treated for suspected poisoning. Lea's parents, Stefanie and Gregor Krug, are dropouts who live on a remote farm and have neither telephone nor any significant form of contact with the outside world. When Katja arrives at the Krugs, she finds Stefanie writhing on the floor with the symptoms of poisoning.

It seems that the evening before, the family poisoned themselves by eating mushrooms they collected. Katja organises their rescue just in time, only to be stunned by Gregor - who had fewer mushrooms and so feels better – as he protests against the treatment of his wife and daughter in the hospital and brings his family back home against the will of Doctor Schneiderhan (Caroline Ebner). The Krugs oppose modern medicine, but Katja soon finds out that there is another secret behind the dangerous over-protectiveness of both parents.

At home, Katja still has to deal with her new landlord Jan Steinmann (Christoph M. Ohrt). Though she's getting along better and better with his son Adrian (Kristo Ferkic), he too seems to have his secrets. For one, he's chasing after Nora Kleinke (Aniya Wendel), a girl his age, with reckless abandon. Why the sudden interest in a girl who he initially considered a spoiled country bumpkin?