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Katja Baumann is helping Mark the vet to catch a runaway cow when she gets a call from a stranger threatening to commit suicide.

Katja sets out to look for the woman and eventually manages to track her down. Judith Kleinke lives with her husband Tom and their two children Nora and Marie in an old farmhouse. Judith is terrified of Tom and suspects he is trying to poison her.

Tom, however, tells Katja quite a different story: Judith started having health issues after they moved to Frühling and she was unable to find a new job and friends. She began to hate her isolated life on the farm and said that her husband was cheating on her and wanted to get rid of her.

Katja believes the symptoms point to a depression. She persuades Judith to have a checkup at the clinic and tries to find work for her in Munich.
She also encourages her to reach out to Tom again in order to save her marriage. Things actually get better: the couple clear things up, and Judith decides to start therapy. The fun-loving, intelligent woman is gradually filled with new energy again.

While Katja takes care of the Kleinke family’s wellbeing, her own life proves to be increasingly complicated since Kiki’s departure: jealousy creeps in as she realises that Mark and his new Portuguese assistant have really hit it off. When Katja and Mark come closer to resolving this conflict, Katja’s emotional life is inadvertently turned upside down.