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Almost all preparations for Erna Krawinkel´s 100th birthday celebration are completed. But the sprightly and vivid old-timer can imagine better things to do than attending an elaborate celebration with a speech by the mayor and a concert of the local school choir. Erna has a mission -  and leaves the retirement home undiscovered. By chance she meets Katja Baumann, who wants to take care of the elderly woman. But Erna plays an exhausting game of cat-and-mouse with her, which finally ends on the hilltop located decrepit family home of Erna’s. She desperately wants to get there before her centenary – obviously she has a secret. During a night together at the ruin of Erna´s family home, Katja becomes a confidante of a life story full of love, loss and secrets. In the end, Katja is able to reunite Erna with her family.