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Judith Kleinke (Adina Vetter) is doing much better since Katja helped her get over her depression in the episode “An Old, Beautiful House” (15, WT); Katja even got her an interview for a new job. Judith now has to get her two daughters off to school before driving to the interview. Unfortunately her daughter Marie’s guinea pig is sick and Marie insists they take it to the vet. Judith is in a bind and Katja Baumann is the only person who can help on such short notice. Katja heads to the vet with Marie, but they get stuck in traffic. When Katja gets out of the car to find out why traffic is being held up she sees that an accident has just taken place and the emergency doctor who happens to be at the scene is reporting that the driver, none other than Judith Kleinke, is already dead. On her way back to the car Katja keeps wondering one thing: how should she deal with the little girl in her car whose mother has just died? The ensuing hours take a real emotional toll on Katja, but she is still reasonably successful in helping Marie, her big sister Nora and their father Tom Kleinke through one of the most difficult times in their lives. However, just when life seems to be getting back to normal, Katja finds evidence indicating there could be more behind Judith’s accidental death than there initially appeared to be. The evidence points to the beautiful old house in which the Kleinke family is still living.

Katja has issues in the home she’s living in too. A ladybug invasion has befallen Spring and the cute little critters seem to have chosen Katja and Jan’s basement as their headquarters. Along with Adrian they resort to creative techniques to rid themselves of the legions of adorable creatures.