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The Huber family are beset with problems. Single mom Anna is in the hospital, and 15-year-old Amelie has missed an important exam at school. Thank goodness for community helper Katja Baumann! But Katja soon realizes that having to look after her younger brother and sister is not the only burden weighing on Amelie’s shoulders. She has a big secret that threatens to destroy her. Katja moves in to take care of the three children. Her first job is to stop Amelie failing the exam. Together they visit the school and speak to Amelie’s teacher Michelle, a friend of Katja’s from an earlier case. Katja learns that Amelie’s father died when she was small, and that her mother Anna has had bad luck with men ever since. Each of her children has a different father, and she receives no help from either Patrick’s father or Lisa’s. And yet until a few weeks ago Amelie was top of her class. Now she seems to have lost all her motivation. What is the reason for this sudden change of heart? Is she lovesick, perhaps? After all, Katja does spy her gazing yearningly at the school heart-throb. Katja’s concerns take on a sudden urgency when Amelie disappears one night, leaving behind the traces of a farewell letter to her younger siblings. Kiki’s life is also full of ups and downs. She spends much of her waking life devotedly tending to the needs of bedridden Peet, and falling deeper and deeper in love with him. At precisely that moment, Prof. Gabriel makes her an astonishing offer: the chance to study medicine at a renowned university in the States. Can she leave Peet alone at this crucial time, and perhaps lose the love of her life? Her daughter’s imminent departure isn’t Katja’s only personal problem. Trouble is brewing between her and Cem. Without first getting Katja’s permission, Cem has called up her estranged father, who she hasn’t seen since she was tiny. When she finds out, Katja is indignant – and her relationship with Cem comes under severe strain.