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Dancing Juli

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Juli (15) loves dancing! She is self-confident and doesn't mind if someone makes fun of her, just because she gains more weight than others. Paul from the upper classes, for example, regularly tries to provoke her. When his brother Micky (16) approaches her, Juli is skeptical. He is a well-known rapper at school and wants her to be a dancer for a video in which he wants to stage a rap for his secret love. Really? But developing a choreography is one of her dreams, so Juli finds it very appealing and agrees.

The two start rehearsing in an old swimming pool and it soon becomes clear that they quite like each other. But can Juli really trust Micky? He reacts strangely to his brother's teasing. And when Micky quite obviously makes fun of her weight at school, she is incredibly disappointed and confronts him. But she didn't expect what comes next at all.

The pop-rap musical "Dancing Juli" is about the first fragile love and wants to encourage young people, to love and accept not only oneself but also others as they are.