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Based on the Norwegian fairytale “Zottelhaube”.
The King’s daughter Amalindis must atone for a promise believed to have been long forgotten: three witches take her into their power. Now only Zottel, her twin sister, can help her.

The King’s two daughters could hardly be more unequal: Amalindis, the first-born of the twins, tries to live up to her father’s expectations: Conscious of her duty, she wants to agree to marry Prince Tanka. Zottel, on the other hand, the second-born, doesn’t feel connected to her nobility, but rather to the great outdoors and a full-grown wolf. She’s a wild girl who sleeps in the forest and has long since fallen out with her father. Suddenly, however, three witches break into this life and kidnap Amalindis. They have every reason to do so. After all, eighteen years ago, they helped the queen to get pregnant. Now they are taking the prize for it, knowing that they have planted the seed in the first-born to be a witch herself. They consider this a prerequisite for the eldest of them to be able to rejuvenate herself in order to survive. She wants to slip into Amalindis’s body for the next eclipse. Zottel suspects that time could run out before this transformation. Despite Tanka’s resistance, in fact, he insists on accompanying her, she sets out on the dangerous path to save her sister.

But the way to the witches’ castle is long and dangerous. Moreover, Zottel is amazed to discover that she herself possesses the magical powers that the witches suspect are in Amalindis. Is this a fatal mix-up?