Mimo & Leva - Back to the Bronze Age

screenable online: 4 episodes

The paths of MIMO and LEVA are predetermined: He is to become chief, bear responsibility for the village and be the keeper of the sky disc, while she will always remain quiet and well-behaved... Ha! The two of them have completely different plans!

Brave and enthusiastic about bronze casting, Leva wants to become chief herself! And Mimo prefers to think up visions of how to make life easier for all the villagers.

And they are not the only children in the village: There is BROCK who, as the village bully, has more muscles than brains. And KULA who both Mimo and Brock have a crush on. Young JADO prefers to hide behind Leva... and their best friend… is a GOAT!

The adults in the village find these shenanigans rather strange but, at the end of the day, together they experience exciting adventures, overcome outdated traditions and forge their own futures!