Searching for Clues (eps. 26)

Laura sees that a circus is coming while she is shopping with her father. Laura really wants to go. There is no chance to go to the circus that day, though, because her father has already spent all of the money for the day. So she and Sophie draw a wonderful circus picture in the courtyard with coloured chalk. Tommy is also nearby, but he is drawing his own picture. When they come back downstairs after lunch, the picture is ruined. Laura and Sophie are horrified. Who could have done it? Laura has a thriller daydream in which she catches the culprit red handed with his wet wiper. “I know what we will do,“ she says, and gets her detective case. Tommy – the first suspect – is cleared, because his picture has been smeared, too. Harry – the second suspect, who is under suspicion because of the gum wrapper near the ruined picture – is unexpectedly shown to be an artist. He completes the new picture with a beautiful sun. So they keep looking for clues. On the ground, on the tree, with and without disguises. When Laura, Sophie and Tommy are about to give up, an elephant comes into the courtyard with a man from the circus to tell everyone about the next show behind the church. Now it is clear to them: it was the elephant! The man is sorry about the pretty circus picture and invites the kids to the next show. Great!