The Zoo's Backstage (eps. 52)

At a radio prize competition Laura wins the first prize. She gets to be with the zookeeper at the city zoo a whole day, all close to the animals. Early in the morning Daddy delivers Laura to the zoo's staff entrance. At first she gets her own uniform from Hannes, the keeper. It is too big, but nevertheless Laura is very proud of it. Now they start a round tour. Laura meets a lot of animals and she even is allowed to feed the seals with fish. But then there is an emergency. Berta, the goat of the petting zoo had given birth to her baby, but isn't able to lactate. Now the little one has to be fed by bottle in order to regain its strength. But it doesn't want to drink at all. When Hannes again is called away Laura should take care of the little goat all by herself. The kid likes Laura and cuddles up very close to her. And as they both lay in the hay Laura is daydreaming being a veterinarian in the jungle. There she learns that strong light can disturb animal kids to a point that they don’t eat. Could this be also the case with the little goat? When Hannes comes back later he finds a very proud Laura and a satisfied saturated kid.