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The Teddy Scientist (eps. 36)

Laura is very excited: her slightly older friend from vacation, Alwine, is coming to visit. With her mother and Tommy, she picks her guest up from the airport. On the way back, Alwine tells Laura what she likes. She says something that makes Laura think that stuffed animals are only for little kids as far as Alwine is concerned, so Laura tries at home to hide her own Teddy bear. When Alwine sees it in Laura’s parents’ bedroom, Laura claims that he needs the Teddy bear for his work: he is a Teddy Bear Researcher. Alwine thinks this is very interesting, and tells everyone at kindergarten the next day. Then the truth comes out. Just as Laura is very said and thinks that Alwine will not take her seriously anymore, Alwine tells her that she has her own stuffed animal with her.