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Halloween (eps. 35)

Tomorrow is Halloween. All of the children are picking their monster costumes. Laura has a wonderful witch costume that really scares Tommy. As she meets Sophie in the yard, the other kids are just making fun of somebody who bought a toadstool at the store. Who’s afraid of a toadstool? Everyone laughs, but Sophie is sad. Only Laura finds out why: her mother bought the costume for her. Sophie is ashamed to wear it, but does not want to tell her mother that she does not like the costume, because as she says, “My mother meant well. It is because red is my favourite colour". Laura offers to trade costumes on Halloween. Sophie is thrilled. There is no friend in the world as good as Laura! That night, just before they leave, Laura is still in her room and talks to the star. Laura drifts into a daydream: a medieval castle is being threatened by a dragon. The residents call for Laura, the witch Grizelda. She should save them from the dragon. The witch whizzes up, but as she resolutely stands up to the dragon, the witch turns into a toadstool. At first, the dragon is flabbergasted. Then it and the residents of the castle laugh themselves silly. Laura suddenly realises that she could be laughed at if they trade costumes. Oh, no, what should she do? She wants to keep her promise, but... She and Sophie leave together in exchanged costumes. They collect candy and chocolate, like the other children that night. Suddenly, Sophie’s mother appears and thinks she recognises her daughter in the toadstool costume, “Hello, Sophie, I have to get more candy. See you later!“ Harry hears that. With his gang, he stops the witch and the toadstool. As they had feared, they make fun of the toadstool and Sophie, who must be inside it. The toadstool does not answer. The witch is standing next to the toadstool with the star-wand in her hand. Harry asks who that could be. Just then, Laura has a stardust-laden idea. The toadstool whispers something to the witch. She cries, "Hah, haah! Here is the other Sophie!" and tears the mask off of her face. "I have made a double of myself!" Harry is horror-stricken. Something so supernatural really does frighten him, and he and his friends run away. Sophie and Laura enjoy their Halloween scare, and the star shines down on Laura.