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Dance with me (eps. 12)

Laura is very pleased, because today – while audition at the ballet school – she was the best and snatched the role of the princess of the Aschenputtel-play. Her brother Tommy on the other side doesn't feel for dancing at all. He likes soccer much more. But the ballet needs a young man for the role of the prince. But no matter whom of her friends she asks it's all the same: Anyone thinks of soccer, soccer and soccer again. However, when Harry and his pals challenge Laura and her friends to a game of soccer Laura has an idea. She engages to the game but only with one condition: If her team wins she has free a wish from Harry. Sure of victory Harry agrees. Against him and his pals Laura's team doesn't have a chance at all to win. The first goal shall decide and Laura is the keeper of her team. As expected Harry's team is outplaying the other team by a mile, but doesn't get by Laura in the goal. And after all, with a little luck and help of the star it yet happens. Tommy - with help from Fifi the dog - shoots the victory goal. And Harry? He has to keep his promise. What would that be?