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On a night illuminated by the full moon CRACKPOT is stargazing on a snowy hilltop. As he looks up open mouthed at the majesty of the starlit sky, a tiny, brilliant shooting star falls from the heavens and he accidentally swallows it! At first he thinks having a luminous nose is fun. However, before long CRACKPOT is disillusioned with his shining snout and sets off to find his friends. Maybe they can solve his problem... GROUCHY shakes him upside down, we hear a rattling noise - and the light beams shine out of the tips of CRACKPOT'S antlers. GROUCHY shakes him a little bit harder – and his eyes light up. LADY P nonchalantly strolls away from CRACKPOT and then swerves back again suddenly shouting in CRACKPOT’S face. Now the light comes out of his nostrils. Maybe jogging around will help? The light beam cuts through the fog and guides WHITNEY WHALE home. She gives him a big thank you kiss knocking the star loose.