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INUI and her friends CRACKPOT, GROUCHY and LADY P are walking along the sea-shore beach-combing. When a bank of fog rolls in from the sea they find shelter in a spooky place. They hear strange noises and glimpse shadowed forms. A log book tells them that they are on an old polar expedition ship that was abandoned by explorers more than 100 years ago. It took them almost a whole year to get to the North Pole and back to their ship. They obviously left their ship when it was wrecked by the ice. CRACKPOT is still sure that teeny-weeny ghosts are onboard. But they are none other than LEMMIMGS who finally come out of hiding. They have chosen the drifting ship as a means to travel the world, especially as there is enough food on board. When the ship starts to drift away from the shore again INUI and her friends leave the ship in a hurry.