Zarah - Wild Times

screenable online: 6 episodes

"Zarah - Wild Times" tells the story of an ambitious journalist and her part in the women’s liberation movement of the early 1970s, as she battles the entrenched patriarchy of a popular weekly magazine. It is a time when uncharted waters are being tested in fashion, pop culture, sex and politics. Germany is hip and with it, but the positions of power in politics, business and the media are still almost exclusively held by men.

Zarah Wolf has recently joined the editorial team of a magazine, and is determined to fight outdated role models and everyday macho attitudes and behaviour. She employs devious and ruthless methods as she seeks to manoeuvre herself into the editor-in-chief’s chair. Zarah risks a great deal and makes powerful enemies. As she turns the great wheel of societal change, her own life and emotions spin into turmoil.