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The police are searching Natalia’s murder scene to preserve the evidence. DA Dobosz finds Rebrow’s lighter (with an engraved wolf) lying in the grass and later interrogates all people who were the last to see Natalia alive. She talks to Markowski and Rebrow. She has some questions to Grzywa, but no one knows his whereabouts.  

Grzywa prevents the lynching of Whisperer and fetches him to the station. Rebrow returns to the Border Guard station and tries to get any information out of Whisperer. Eventually, he takes him to the woods. When they get there, Whisperer wants to show Rebrow something and asks the border guard officer to follow him. A man’s corpse covered by leaves is lying in the forest.  It’s the Maggot who was caught in poachers’ snares. He’s been obviously dead for the past few days...